The Food

Carolina Smoke BBQ

Carolina Smoke has the best BBQ and they are the best fit for the Bothell Blues Festival


BBQ is one of the 4 B's this year, Beer, Bothell, Blues and BBQ! Carolina Smoke BBQ is well known all over the Eastside for their delicious BBQ and they are once again sponsoring the Bothell Blues Festival this year! Dave Hayward and his crew will be at the Festival throwing down Bothell's best BBQ! Last year Dave and company were serving up pulled pork and beef brisket. THIS YEAR Dave is going to have some of his RIBS down at the event as well as a couple of different side dishes! 

Carolina Smoke was a natural choice for the Bothell Blues Festival. High quality food. Never rushed. Another thing that is unique about Dave is that he doesn't put his delicious barbeque sauces ON his food. He lets his customers apply the goodness! It is pretty brave working a BBQ business like that. Many BBQ locations smother their meat with BBQ sauce before you get the food. Why do you think that is? It is so they can put a mediocre product out there and mask it with sauce. 

Dave doesn't this that is the right way to do business. Dave feels that the meat is the base for every one of his entrees and that meat should be able to stand on its own, without sauce.... and it does. Stop by his shop and look at the people eating his ribs or brisket.. many of them eat it without any sauce at all.. its that good.

Bothell Blues Festival really appreciates Carolina Smoke being the Diamond sponsor this year and know that our fans love the fact they can eat awesome BBQ while listening to AWESOME BLUES!


The Village Bean

Village Bean is providing food at the Bothell Blues Festival this year! Woo Hoo!

The Village Bean family focused restaurant offering healthy food choices and delicious indulgences. Festival attendees can choose from a variety of made to order sandwiches and wraps, sinful treats and a wide array of both hot and iced espresso and non-espresso beverages.  

Kids meals and Gluten free/Dairy free options are also available. 




Sweet Wheels

Sweet Wheels handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches will be at the 2013 Bothell Blues FestivalWith our street cred and gorgeous look, Sweet Wheels is a perfect addition to any public event. Whether it is a bark in the park, street fair, farmers market, museum gathering, car show or music concert, Sweet Wheels can provide a new and stunning look to any event. Sweet Wheels is completely self-contained requiring no outside electricity or water.  With a wide and varied selection of unique and fun sweet goodies, Sweet Wheels is a perfect presence to any public event, a hot truck with cool treats.